Ingredients Exposed: Vitamin A Palmitate

I can’t have me a taco without some sour cream.  I love the stuff.  But after my starting my Taco post and seeing that strange “Vitamin A Palmitate,” (hereby referred to as VAP, because you try typing that thirteen times and see how sick of it you get) in my light sour cream I decided to check it out.  A quick Google search led me to Dairy House, and it seemed legit enough.  They say VAP is a synthetic, organic chemical (I’m not a chemist, but synthetic and organic seems to be an oxymoron to me).  Apparently it’s because Vitamin A is organic, but since it’s unstable it’s reacted with methyl palmitate and thus becomes a synthetic.  VAP is then added to low fat milk, and other low fat dairy products to replace the vitamin content that’s lost when you take the fat out.

Apparently VAP a “long chain alcohol” and is a “high-potency” form of Retinol A.

WebMD says VAP is also a supplement that can be taken orally when you’re not getting enough Vitamin A from your food.  This can cause people to be prone to infection, along with a slew of other medical issues.  However it’s also super important not to take more than prescribed because of the adverse side effects related to overdose and can cause brain damage in fetuses.  Yikes.

Some dude named “The Health Coach” claims that eliminating VAP from your diet can help ease pains and health conditions that can’t be diagnosed.  This guy also quotes Truth in when they say that the Cosmetics Database rates it as a moderate hazard ingredient.

So…my Daisy Light Sour Cream contains a synthetic form of a vitamin that my body may already get from cheese, eggs, fish, and other things I’m eating.  My dollop has a chemical that can cause brain damage in a fetus, or to me, and the Cosmetics Database doesn’t really want the stuff on my face…but I’m putting it in my body to save myself a few calories?

Daisy Normal Sour Cream has 60 calories in 2 tablespoons…Daisy Light Sour Cream has 40 in the same amount.  I think from now on I’m choosing 20 more calories and naturally occurring Vitamin A over 20 less calories and a potentially toxic, synthetic chemical compound.


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